132 | TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE BACHELORETTE Keep the Bride’s Interests in Mind Bar crawls, jet setting to Vegas, a weekend glamping trip, or a spa geta- way – bachelorette party possibilities are endless! The Maid-of-Honor and bridal party should ask themselves one important question when plan- ning the festivities: What would the bride really want? Get the Guest List from the Bride The bride doesn’t have many responsi- bilities when it comes to planning the bachelorette party. Just be sure to get a guest list from her of people she’ll feel comfortable “letting loose” with. So- rority sisters? Yes! Her boss? Probably not. If there are concerns about inviting someone, it’s best to leave them off the list and enjoy their presence on the wed- ding day. If someone is invited to cele- brate the bachelorette party, make sure they are invited to the wedding, too! Timing is Everything The bachelorette party should be on an evening close to the big day, but it definitely should not fall on the night before the wedding. Consider sched- uling it for the weekend before the wedding date. Take Budget into Account Just like it’s important to take the bride’s wishes into account, the host(s) should also consider the budget of the girls who are attending. If you’ll be stay- ing overnight somewhere, going to din- ner, and/or renting transportation, be sure to include the price when extend- ing an invitation. The Element of Surprise Given all the planning the couple has put into their wedding, it’s safe to say it’d be a welcomed surprise to not have to make decisions for another event! Ask the bride to trust you to know her expectations and then take the reins! Sharethis withyour bridesmaids! BRIDAL REGISTRY SHOPPING FOR GIFTS At this point, your wedding registry should be available and updated for bridal shower guests to access. We rec- ommend going to at least three dif- ferent stores to register, but no more than six. Shopping for your home can be an exciting experience to share with your fiancé, but it should be ca- tered to what you need. If you already have new pots and pans and microfib- er towels but want a Bluetooth speak- er or Wine of the Month subscription, then register for the items you need and want, not what’s expected of you. Some stores may require a store asso- ciate to accompany you to offer ideas and suggestions. Take advantage of their knowledge by asking about qual- ity brands and warranties. It’s considerate to include items of dif- ferent price ranges on your registry so guests can choose a gift within their budget. If you and your fiancé already live together and have the necessities to build your dream home, you may want to consider having a honeymoon registry. This is a great option where guests can gift you with room en- hancements, excursions, or spending money! BACHELORETTE PARTY