Choosing who will stand beside you as you say “I Do” can be difficult, but what’s ven more challenging is finding a dress that fits all f their figures, styles, and budgets Bridesmaids SHOPPING FOR YOUR The Budget Though it’s not the most glamorous of topics, determining your bridal party members’ budget is certain- ly one of the most important. Don’t put off having this conversation with each bridesmaid individually, as it will enable you to search for gowns that fall in the right price range. If you have your heart set on a style that some bridesmaids can’t afford, see if there are some other costs - such as hair, makeup, or shoes – that you can pick up to help alleviate their financial obligation Start Early Your search for the perfect brides- maid gowns should start about twelve months before your wedding. When you first begin, take a small party consisting of your maid-of-hon- or, mom, and possibly your mother- in-law to narrow down your choices. Once you’ve chosen your favorites, you can invite the entire gang! We suggest having just a few try on and model the gowns for the others to avoid any chaos or disagreements. Your bridesmaids should order their gowns no later than four months be- fore your wedding date to allow for shipping and alterations. Shopping Online vs. In-Store Odds are, at one point or another you’ve ordered an item of clothing online that did not fit properly and had to return it. With bridesmaid dresses, you don’t get that option. We’ve heard one too many horror stories of dresses that came in and needed heavy alterations to match the silhouette you saw online, which only drives the cost up! Save yourself some stress and money; buy from a local bridal shop. Find them on page 32. Allure Brides- maids - 1562, 1569 available at Amer- ican Commodore Dress Shoppe Christina Wu Celebration - 22782, 22789, 22784, 22800 available at American Commodore Dress Shoppe Most likely, your bridesmaids are spending a lot of money on these dresses! Make sure they know what they’re paying for and what they should expect by asking these important questions. QUESTIONS TO ASK Notes: Remember to ask: 1. How long does it take to order a dress? 2.  Can bridesmaid dresses be altered? Yes No 3.  How many fittings will th y have? 4.  Will the dresses be pressed before pick-up? Yes No 5.  Do you offer a discount to my bridesmaids if I buy my dress from you? Yes No BRIDESMAID ATTIRE Jenny Yoo - Cassie available at Nordstrom Wedding Boutique Christina Wu - 40135 available at Henri's Cloud Nine BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE Find out what these symbols mean on page 8. 30 | TODAY'S BRIDE +12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO"