POP A POP Men often get forgotten or overlooked when it comes to fashion, especially standing next to a bride. If you want to feel confident and stylish at your wedding, it’s important to find an ensemble that will turn some heads. Besides securing the perfect fit – no groom wants too-long pants or a baggy jacket – the most important aspect in an eye-catching look is to add your personality to the details! As a fashion-forward, frequently compli- mented man, I like to think of myself as a style expert. I owe that success to color. Col- or is one easy way to make a statement with your suit or tux. Instead of black or gray, look for an emerald, blue, or mauve suit. If you want to add color without sacrificing tradi- tion, add a pop of color with playful socks or a pocket square. Another way to add your style and personal- ity to your overall look is with patterns! Checkered, flo- ral, chevron, striped, or geometric patterns add interest and dimension to your tie or vest. The result will be a bold and adventurous en- semble that is sure to attract attention. OF PERSONALITY J i m F r e r icks, Today’s Bride Photography34 Emily Wren Photography Emily Delamater Photography trenDs WE q Use a vest to add drama and color! Play with a bold pattern or graphic to draw the eye and separate the groom from the groomsmen! No need to sacrifi e your go-to accessory for your wedding. We recommend staying away from ball caps, but consider flat aps, Fedoras, or Panama hats. Confiden e is a must-have accessory if you plan to wear a colored suit. If it’s done right, this trend will wow guests and make a statement. Patterne Vest Hats ColoredSuits How to tie a bow tie The perfect fit or any style wedding, we’ve made tying your bow tie a rather easy process with just 10 steps! Chris J Evans Photography Ties.com Ties.com Ties.com Find out what these symbols mean on page 8. 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" TODAY’S BRIDE | 53