122 | TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE WHAT IS THAT FROSTING?  Fondant – This modeling-clay-like frosting has a thick consistency but a smooth finish. It’s typically used to create fancier designs, figurines, and flowers. Buttercream – Buttercream is a more common frosting with a creamy and rich fl vor. You can texturize the buttercream for a dramatic fi - ish or smooth it out for clean lines. Marzipan – This frosting is similar to fondant except that it is made with almond paste. This paste gives it more elasticity and a nutty fl vor. The cake is one aspect of your wedding that guests will anticipate both seeing and tasting! Make sure you choose the right frosting for your design and taste. Here’s my take on the difference between wedding cake frostings: D e n i s e F r ericks, Today’s Bride Sweet! Soooo Since many couples are choosing to have non-traditional wedding cele- brations, it only makes sense that they would opt for sweet treats that also stray from the norm. Although you might choose to serve these confectionary favorites in addition to a more traditional wedding cake, these desserts can also hold their own. 1. Cupcakes or Cake Pops – Adorable, customizable, and so much fun to eat, miniature cakes are the perfect compromise of tradition and originality. 2. Donuts – Who doesn’t love a fluffy glazed donut? This universally loved treat is the perfect party favor and can be stacked in a tier to resemble a cake. 3. Macarons – Macarons are a tasty treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth! With an array of flavors – ranging from tart lemon to sweet raspberry to rich tiramisu – you'll want to have plenty of these, as your guests won’t be able to get enough! 4. Candy or Mini-Dessert Table – Whether you display an array of your favorite candy, offer up mini cheesecake bites, or serve a combination of the two, these scrumptious desserts are sure to be a hit with your guests. 5. Assortment of Pies – Pies could very well be the comfort food of the dessert realm! In fact, it’s quite possible your guests won’t remember cake was even an option once they get their hands on a slice of apple crumb pie! CAKES Sabrina Hall Photography