142 | TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE LMAC Photography Black Dog Photo Co. OH Snap! Photography Read more about Superstitions at TodaysBride.com Superstitions Have you ever wondered where some of those crazy wedding super- stitions come from? Like, why is rain on your wedding day good luck and can your fiancé really not see you in your dress beforehand? We’ve scoured historical records (or…you know…Google) to find out where wedding superstitions originated and why. Why can’t a groom see his bride in her wedding dress? The origins of this superstition are ac- tually as un-romantic as you can get. When arranged marriages were the norm, the father-of-the-bride would for- bid the couple from seeing each other before the wedding day because he was afraid the groom would break off the ar- rangement if the bride wasn’t attractive enough. Similarly, brides would wear veils down the aisle and throughout the ceremony until the first kiss in order to blur her features and make her appear more ethereal and angelic. Why do we wear rings on the “ring finger”? The reason brides and grooms wear their engagement ring and wedding band on the fourth finger is because it was believed to be the only finger that has a vein that connects directly to the heart. But why the left hand instead of the right? Years and years ago, it was be- lieved that a diamond paired with gold worn on the left hand would drive away the devil and any evil spirits; therefore, brides traditionally wore a gold and di- amond engagement ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. Is rain on your wedding day really good luck? Yes! Tradition says that rain on your wedding day symbolizes fertility and unity. Because rain brings life to plants, it is said that rain on your wedding day means that you’ll have many children. It’s also said that rain on your wedding day can strengthen your marriage and devotion to your husband or wife be- cause getting married is often consid- ered “tying the knot,” and a wet knot is always harder to untie. Many wedding superstitions aren’t something that brides and grooms seem to in- vest a lot of belief into, but they have become a part of wedding tradition that newlyweds like to honor. While they by no means affect the way your marriage will turn out, sometimes indulging in these time-cherished traditions can add a sentimental aspect to your planning. SUPERSTITIONS