b"8-12 MONTHS VIDEOGRAPHY SABRINA HALL PHOTOGRAPHY Why you'll needa videographer QUESTIONS TO ASK HaYour wedding day goes by so quickly that youll miss a lotve you ever shot at my and may not remember a good amount of it. A videographerceremony location?will ensure that the moments that mean the most areHave you ever shot at mycaptured for you to relive and cherish for years to come.reception location? How many camerasRelive the moment in real timewill you use? Your special day will go by so fast and youll be so nervous at first Will you be the videographerTalk to your that you may not remember the details! Videography allows you toon the day of? videographer aboutrelive each beautiful moment of your wedding day in a crystal clearWill there be an assistantway. Photos cant capture everything!on-hand to help?what parts of yourIt offers a different perspective Will there be an additional wedding mean theYou only enjoyed your wedding from98% w will I receive my video?videographer?most to you to ensureyour point-of-view, but with a video- Ho that those momentsgrapher, you can relive it throughof newlywedsWhen will I receive my video?dozens of different perspectives! Seeingrecommend hiringare captured.How long will my video be? these emotional moments through thea videographer toeyes of your loved ones and guests willother couplesWill you interview my guests? bring new meaning to your wedding each What shots would you time you watch your video. recommend?You can share your day with loved ones over and overDo you offer a highlight reel?Can I share mHaving a short video of your wedding allows you to share it y video on on social media with family or friends that couldnt make it. social media?Youll be able to watch your special day on your first, 10th, 50th anniversarywith your family now and with future generations.Dont forget to ask thegeneral questions on page 4122TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|VIDEOGRAPHY"