b'Jump-start your bridal beauty routineBridal beauty doesnt have to start and end on your wedding day. Incorporate these practices into your beauty regimen now so that you go into your wedding day feeling healthy, confi-dent, and beautifulbecause you are!3-8 months Find hair and makeupstylist(s)Have your first hair and makeup trial appointment1-2 months Start using self-tanning lotion Get a facialDAKAI PHOTOGRAPHYSLATER PHOTO COUNSPLASHSkin Hair Wellness 2 weeks Have a final hair and make- Exfoliate once every two Switch to silk pillowcases.Fill up with high protein up trial appointment weeks.Use a microfiber towel. foods. Get a final hair trim andUse a mask once a week. Skip the blow dryer and try air Drink water and cut out color touch-upMoisturize, moisturize, drying instead. sugary drinks like soda.moisturize.Only wash it three times aDevelop an exercise plan. Week-ofUse fresh aloe. week or every other day.Practice yoga or meditation Get a manicure andDrink lots of water. Get regular trimsaboutto clear your mind.pedicureWash your pillow cases andevery three to six months. Get at least eight hours of Get a full body massage phone screen often.Use an at-home hair masksleep each night.Get a facialAvoid touching your face. once every two weeks, or Dont try any fad diets to loseGet a spray tan Remove your makeup every more often if your hair is dryweight without talking to Drink plenty of water andnight before bed. or damaged. your doctor first. get good sleepThis or that? Choose your beauty optionsTanning beds offer a natural color, but they canFalse lashes are easy to apply and remove, with cause irreversible damage to your skin. You canvarious options for added length, volume, and adjust your tone based on the length of time anddrama. However, they arent long-lasting. After level of bed, but they require pre-planning and aa full day of emotions, your lashes may be barely time commitment before the wedding. hanging on.Spray tans provide instant results that dontLash extensions can last up to two months, damage your skin. The only cons are that theywith each lash individually hand-glued for a dont last more than a few days, and you havenatural look. Ensure you try them before your to test it out at several appointments to find thewedding, as some people may react negatively to shade thats right for you.the glue. LA76 PHOTOGRAPHYAirbrush foundation creates a smooth, flawlessAcrylic/gel nails are perfect if you want to add complexion. It provides the perfect base for thesome length, but they wreak havoc on your nail rest of your makeup and stays put all night long.beds. The length can last for months, but youll However, you have to hire a professional forneed a fill every two to three weeks, or else theyll proper application. start falling off. Using your own foundation will ensure thatNatural nails are the healthiest and most cost- you know exactly how your skin will react toeffective option. However, they are more suscep-the makeup. You can touch it up throughouttible to breaking than acrylic nails, and growing the night, but remember that it may not be aslong nails isnt an option for everybody. long-lasting or as photogenic as airbrush. GABRIELLE SUTHERLAND PHOTOGRAPHY92 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BEAUTY & HEALTH'