b'ADVERTORIALElegant Ice Creations Q+AWhen people think ice sculptures, they usually imagine something extravagant and over the top. But they dont have to be! We sat down with Elegant Ice Creations to get the scoop on the ice sculptures of today.Q: I like the idea of an ice sculpture, but ImQ: I want an ice sculpture, but I cant justify worried that it wont fit with my aesthetic.the cost if it is purely decorative. What sort How can an ice sculpture work with todaysof functions can it serve at my wedding?wedding trends? A: Ice sculptures can be so much more thanA:Theres no limit to what you can do with an icedecoration! They can be used to serve seafoodsculpture! Rustic? Your monograms on ice. Boho?or fruit, display flowers, and more! Almost any Vases for your florals. Minimalist? A sophisticat- ice sculpture can be made into a luge which will ed candle display. We help you design a customchill beverages as you pour them. Why choose carving to go with any aesthetic. decoration versus functionality when you canLINDSEY BECKWITH PHOTOGRAPHY Q: It seems simple, butwhat prevents thehave both?sculpture from melting during my wedding? Q: I have a highly specific vision for my ice A: Ice will always melt. However, keeping it in asculpture. Whats the most unique ice sculp-controlled environment helps slow the meltingture you have ever been asked to create?down. A sculpture at a rooftop reception in theA:We created a family portrait of four brothers middle of July? Direct sunlight is no friend to ice,that replicated Mount Rushmore, a 16 foot icebut if we move it to a spot of shade (or better yet,bar, and a very large Candelabra that held 19 can-air conditioning!), we can slow down the melting.dles and was eight feet high! Keep in mind that Our ice team has the experience and expertise tonot all ice sculptureshave to be huge and over advise you on best practices for keeping your icethe top to be breathtaking. Big or small, we will sculpture as long as possible!create something that you will never forget. NEW IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY DECOR & RENTALS|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 147'