b'Five things to know1.Plan 1.5 servings of cakeanniversary. Some cake for each guest. If youreshops may provide a box having a dessert bar, orderor wrapping for the top less cake. tier, so be sure to ask if 2. Fondant is a type of icingthis is included.that is perfect for creating4.You should start research-sculptures and adorn- ing bakeries in your area ments, and is often drapedeight months before your over the cake for a smoothwedding and try to place finish. However, its clay- the order about four to six like consistency doesntmonths before.agree with every couples5. Most bakeries will be will-taste. ing to host a tasting for 3. Traditionally, the top tieryou and your fianc. How-of your wedding cake isever, some may charge a kept frozen and eaten asfee or limit the number of a celebration on your firstflavor samples.How much do I need?If youre trying to make a6 inches: 10 servingsgrand statement with a tall8 inches :20-24 servingsJESSICA RAPHAEL PHOTOGRAPHYcake by adding fake layers 10 inches :30-38 servingsof styrofoam, youll be dis-appointed to find out that12 inches :45-58 servings the cost isnt all that muchExample: cheaper. Opt for a real layerIf you want a three-tiered cake of cake or a few kitchen cakesand you have 80 guests, you instead. Its always betterwill want at least a 12-inch, a to have too much than not10-inch, and an 8-inch cake. enough! This equals 120 servings. SCOTT SIKORA PHOTOGRAPHYGENEVIEVE NISLY PHOTOGRAPHY ROSSINI PHOTOGRAPHYDAKAI PHOTOGRAPHY158TODAYS BRIDE|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|CAKE & DESSERTS'