b'When youstart shopping.Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most momentous parts on your wedding planning journey. But, it requires a little bit of planning and some key background knowledge to prepare for the fitting room and have a successful shopping trip!Bring someone you trust Although you do not want your team to swoon over every dress you try on (not helpful when it comes to making a decision), having the support of people who know exactly what you want will make your choice easier. Bring three or four people who are honest, but not harsh, who know your vision, and who will support your decision.Dont invite too many peopleAvoid inviting your entire entourage. When shopping, its easy to get overwhelmed by all of the contrasting opinions. Youll get confused and question what styles you actually like. Never settle for a dress you dont love just because everyone in your entourage loves it.Keep an open mind Your consultant has years of experience and knows what theyre doing. Trust that they know what styles will look good onyou, and be open to trying on dresses that dont necessarily fityour vision! You never know what you might fall in love with,and it wont hurt your consultants feelings if you hate it. AVAILABLE ATRADIANT BRIDEAVAILABLE ATCLE BRIDE BYEXPRESSIONS MORILEE | STYLE 2555ESSENSE OF AUSTRALIA | STYLE D3794QUESTIONS TO ASKI found this dress.What customization Can I get it through you?options do I have?Can I purchase a How many fittings will I have?gown off the rack? What is included?How long does it take for ai.e. Garment bag, steaming, dress storage dress order to come in? Do you provide gown cleaning? Will I have the same consultant every time I visit? Do you provide gown Are alterations done in-house? preservation? If not, do you have a list of pre- What is the typical deposit ferred alteration companies? on a wedding dress?Dont forget to ask the general questions on page 4BRIDAL ATTIRE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO| TODAYS BRIDE 19'