b"3-8 MONTHS GUEST ACCOMMODATIONSIn good favorTaking care of your guestsIf youre expecting out-of-townbag in each guest room. They guests to attend your wedding,can be filled with local sweets, youll need to book a block oftoiletries, or wedding weekend hotel rooms for their overnightnecessities! Most importantly, stays. Reserving a block ofdouble check that everything rooms doesnt mean that youllyouve agreed upon is on your have a specific area for yourcontract, and ask about their guests to stay; it simply meanscancellation policy before that you have reserved a setsigning.number of rooms at agreed- upon rates for your guests toQUESTIONS TO ASKbook. How early should I blockYoull want to look for hotelshotel rooms?that offer open/courtesy blocks.What is the minimumThis means that you wont havenumber that I can block?to pay upfront and wont beHow much do the roomscharged for any unused rooms.cost? Start out by booking a smallerWhat does the rate include? number and adding more as When do you release the you go. A typical rule of thumb is to count how many out-of- rooms?Do we have to pay fortown guests you have and divide it in half. If that seems like aunused rooms?Can we put gift bags in our small number, consider that some guests may make otherguests rooms? arrangements or decide to Do you have a honeymoondrive home. suite?Do you provide a shuttle?Ask your hotel about any ame-What amenities do you nities they havelike compli-mentary brunch, shuttle service,offer? or welcome bag deliveries. ItsDon't forget to ask the general considerate to leave a goodiequestions on page 4 GUEST ACCOMMODATIONS|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 173"