b'0-3 MONTHS BACHELORETTE PARTIESPlanning yourbachelorettepartyWant to plan something different than the typical barcrawl? Take this quiz for alternative bach partieseveryone will enjoy!Ohio bachelorette getaway 1. How would the bride spend a Friday night?Ohio is often an underestimated gem when it comes to bach- A.At a bar or concertC.Spending time with familyelorette party destinations, but youll be delighted to discoverB.At home binge-watching theD.A bonfire with friends that the state has some exciting and unique experiences forlatest Netflix hitbrides-to-be and their friends. From serene wineries to thrill- 2. Which group is the bride closest to?ing amusement parks, Ohio offers a diverse range of optionsA.Her mom, sisters, and familyC. Her work friends to celebrate your upcoming wedding. B. Her high school BFFs D. Her college groupPut-In-Bay: Island Escape tours, and spectacular lakeside Your bachelorette adventure be- views. Its the perfect place for3.Whats your budget?gins on South Bass Island, alsoa laid-back, wine-filled experi- A. No more than $150 per person C. Moneys no issue known as Put-In-Bay. This pic- ence with your closest friends. B.$150-$300 per personD.Each person can spend what turesque island is a hidden oasisCleveland: Brews, Casinos,theyre comfortable withfeaturing the crystal waters ofand Nightlife Lake Erie, a host of water activ- Cleveland is a vibrant urban4. What gift will you get the bride?ities, and attractions like Perrysplayground offering a wideA. LingerieC.A beauty subscription box Cave. As day turns into night,array of entertainment options.B.An excursion or room upgradeD.A personalized photo album Put-In-Bay transforms into aBegin your day with breweryfor her honeymoon lively party destination withtours and indulge in the citys a selection of bars and clubs,craft beer scene, including fa- 5.How long do you want the bachelorette party to last?making it the perfect setting forvorites like Great Lakes BrewingA.A day-long event C. 2-3 nights a memorable celebration. Company and Southern TierB. OvernightD.4+ nights Sandusky: Golf and ThrillsBrewing Company. For excite-Sandusky offers the best of bothment, try your luck at the JACK worlds, blending relaxation withCleveland Casino before danc-adrenaline-pumping excite- ing the night away at some of ment. Golf enthusiasts can teethe citys hottest nightclubs such off at renowned courses, whileFWD Day + Nightclub, Barley thrill-seekers can get their fixHouse, and Lost Social Club.at Cedar Point, home to someHocking Hills: Quality Timeof the worlds most exhilaratingHocking Hills in Southern Ohio roller coasters. If you prefer aoffers an extraordinary experi- 5-7pts 8-11ptsmore laid-back experience, optence, with lush forests, capti- CITY SIGHTSEEING SLUMBER PARTYfor a scenic cruise or bask invating waterfalls, and scenic the beauty of the citys pristinehiking trails providing a unique beaches. alternative to traditional beach Geneva-on-the-Lake:destinations. Adventure enthu-Wine Countrysiasts can explore caves, zipline, For a more tranquil bachelor- or canoe, while evenings can be ette celebration, look no furtherspent in luxurious cabin rentals than Geneva-on-the-Lake, acomplete with modern ameni-charming town celebrated forties and hot tubs. Hocking Hills12-15pts 16-20ptsits wineries. Immerse yourselfpromises a nature-filled cele- GLAMPING BEACH GETAWAYin the world of delectable localbration, making it a standout Scoring: wines with tastings, vineyardchoice for a memorable escape. 1. A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4; 2. A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4; 3. A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2; 4. A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3; 5. A-2, B-3, C-1, D-4BACHELORETTE PARTIES|0-3 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 179'