b"WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGSCHELLISE MICHAEL PHOTOGRAPHYLA76 PHOTOGRAPHYEight catering mistakes1. Not having a budget in mindThe trendiest way toYour caterer should be able to work with you to come up with a menu that pleases your taste buds and your wallet, whatever yourcater your cocktail hour: budget may be. charcuterie! Its easy 2. Thinking a buffet is cheaperto tie into your theme,because you can choose With a buffet, caterers often cook too much food and welcome guests to seconds, which costs you more money. foods that match your 3. Not thinking about the kidsdecor. And it can be Offer options like mac and cheese, chicken tenders, or pizza to served in a millionsatisfy the children at your wedding (and their parents).4. Not offering a filling vegetarian dishdifferent ways! Your RSVP should include a space for guests to mark any dietary restrictions they have. Be sure to offer at least one dish that isnt meat-basedyour salad appetizer isnt enough! 5. Too much food at the cocktail hourServe a limited amount of appetizers so that guests dont ruin QUESTIONS TO ASKtheir appetites for dinner.How do you charge? 6. Requesting out-of-season dishes Do you offer special dietary options?Ordering side dishes or ingredients that arent in-season can do Is clean-up included?some major damage to your budget. Can you customize a menu? 7. Ordering too much dessertDo you offer free tastings? Not every guest will eat cake, but we recommend ordering at least 1.5 servings for each guest. If you opt to have cookies, cup- What kind of services are available? cakes, candies, or other treats, you can offer less cake.What is the server-to-guest ratio? 8. Not planning for leftovers Do you offer cake-cutting services? Ask your caterer who is responsible for any extra food. You should take advantage of the extra food by offering it to yourDon't forget to ask the generalguests, donating it, or freezing it for yourself. questions on page 4CATERING|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 73"