b'DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGS OLIVIA D. WENGER PHOTOGRAPHYWHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHYBeautiful boutonniere The boutonniere is one of the few opportunities where you can add some color and texture to the formal look. Worn on the left lapel above the heart, the boutonniere is traditionally a reflection of the brides bouquetsymbolizing their con-nection and relationship to one another. Unique personalizations and textures Contemporary wedding trends have seen a shift in boutonnieres, with couples increasingly embracing personalization and unique botanical choices. Traditional single flowers remain popular, but many couples are opting for unconventional options like succu-lents, wildflowers, berries, or herbs for a fresh touch. ALYSSA MASTERS PHOTOGRAPHY | FLOWERS: THE BOUQUET SHOP Additionally, boutonnieres are becoming more intricate, featuring a mix of textures, fabrics, foliage, and tiny accents that match the wedding theme or color scheme. Boutonnieres are a reflection of individual style and creativity, adding a personalized and memora-ble touch to the wedding day.Floral trends taking over Flower pocket squares and lapel flowers have emerged as a stylish and distinctive trend! These accessories offer a fresh and charming alternative to traditional boutonnieres. Couples are increasingly opting for intricate floral designs that are carefully tucked into the jacket pockets or affixed to their lapels. These floral accents not only complement the overall theme and color palette of the wed-ding but also add a unique and elegant touch to the formal attire! CINZIA BRUSCHINI PHOTOGRAPHYWHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY86TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|MENS FORMALWEAR'