b'PLANNERS GENEVIEVE NISLY PHOTOGRAPHYNEW IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHYEileen Benson Events Elegant Events by Mariawww.instagram.com/eileenbensoneventswww.eleganteventsbymaria.com330-329-7968 330-697-4296Many couples ask about having a First Look before the ceremony.Wedding planners know the scoop on local vendors and have con-How do you feel about First Looks? I highly recommend doing anections with them. Why is this a benefit in the planning process? First Look ahead of time to capture all the photos in a calm easy man- An example that comes to mind is when a florist posted fake photos on ner! Having a list of family members and blocking two hours ahead fortheir Instagram page, and the bride booked on what she thought their photos usually allows travel time to specific sites and finishing up at thecreativity was. The day came, and the centerpieces were not at all what venue, Church, or Synagogue for family photos. Once completed, hide,we expected. I had to call three florists to construct 50 centerpieces and have some water, and relax before walking down the aisle! You will alsoredo the floral wall! The bride was so gratefulbut it was a huge mess! be able to enjoy your cocktail hour and visit with guests instead of rush- It just shows how much hiring a wedding planner can make a difference. ing off for photos after the ceremony ends. We know what vendors you can count on, soyoullneverhavetoworryaboutbe-LetstalkaboutHotelRoomBlocks.ing let down. We have relationships with Many hotels have changed the way youvendors, so if something goes wrong, we blockrooms.Now,youareresponsibleknow who to call.for 80% of the fee of the rooms that are not taken in your block. With that beingWhats your trick for staying within a said, couples are blocking less rooms atweddingbudgetwithoutsacrificing the start then adding them at the end ifquality?Thesaying,Yougetwhatyou needed. The important thing is to be surepay for, is so true! Hiring a DJ who doesnt to include the hotel cut-off date on yourcharge much can seem like an attractive details card of the invitation and on youridea, but finding someone to step in on website, so you are not scrambling at theyour wedding day when your DJ shows up last minute looking for guest rooms at awith a boom box wont be so cheap! Its all higher rate! about having connections. My team and Eileen Benson I know when certain vendors are runningMaria KovacevichWhat are your suggestions for the perfect morning ofpromotions or specials. We might not recommend hiring the cheapest getting ready? Create a schedule for the girls for both hair and makeupvendor on the market, but often we can score you a sweet deal on a reli-with the company providing the services. Build in a little buffer. Be sureable vendor with quality work.to have electrical outlets as well as natural light (windows), space for food and drinks, along with chairs or bar stools. Always have drinks and food for everyone! SPECIAL SECTION '