b'85%of weddingguests take a sliceDRZAZGA PHOTOof cake DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGSWhat is that frosting?The cake is one aspect of your wedding that guests willanticipate both seeing and tasting! Make sure to choose the right frosting for your design and taste. Heres our take on the differences between wedding cake frostings: FondantThis modeling-clay-like frosting has a thick consistency but a smooth finish. Its typically used to create more formal, fancy designs, figurines, and flowers.Buttercream Buttercream is a more common frosting used on birthday cakesNICOLE B PHOTOGRAPHYTHE GREENS PHOTO with a creamy and rich flavor. You can texturize the buttercream for a dramatic finish or smooth it out forclean lines. MarzipanThis frosting is similar to fondant but made with almond paste. This paste gives it more elasticity and a nutty flavor.GanacheTypically made from chocolate, ganache is most often used as a filling between layers of cake. It has a very dense, fudge-like consistency. Naked CakeA naked cake is a popular trend where the cake tiers andfillings are seen through a very thin layer of buttercream. MATT BESENYODI PHOTOGRAPHYCAKE & DESSERTS|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 159'