b'Your invitationsare your guests firstimpression of your wedding. Find some-thing that fits your wedding aesthetic! MATT BESENYODI PHOTOGRAPHY Problems & solutionsYou, your fianc, and both sets of parents should sit downto start compiling a guest list about 12 months before yourwedding date and finalize it around six to nine months out. Comprising a guest list is the number one thing couples dis-agree about when planning their wedding, so if you start to argue, check out these questions and answers for a solution.Who should get a plus-one?83% When it comes to navigating the difficult plus-onesituation, remember a plus-one is a must for anyone whois married, engaged, or in a long-term relationship. Itsof your guest list also considerate to extend a plus-one to a single friendwill accept your who wont have any other friends attending the wedding. invitation What if someone doesnt RSVP by the date on the invitation?One of the most frustrating things you will encounter on this wed- T+K PHOTOGRAPHY ding planning journey is when someone doesnt RSVP. Whoevers list the person falls underi.e. your parents, yours, your fiancs, or your fiancs parentsshould be the party responsible for calling them. Texting can be a faux pas when it comes to asking for RSVPs, but it really depends on your relationship with that person. If its a friend, you can probably text. Someone from work, family, or family friends should be asked in-person or via phone call.How do I make it clear I dontwant children at the wedding?When it comes to inviting children, you should never put NoChildren or Adult Reception Only on a wedding invitation. Instead, pre-write the invited guests names on their RSVP card so theyll know exactly who is invited. Or, put a line beneath their name on the RSVP card with _____/2, so they know that two people are invited and can fill in how many will be there.What do I do if our list starts to get too long?Its helpful to have an A-list and B-list (although you should never inform your guests of their status!). Send your first round of save-the-dates to your A-list only. If guests let you know theycant make it, extend invitations to B-list guests.SHAUNA VEASEY PHOTOGRAPHY100TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|INVITATIONS & STATIONERY'