b"Videographydos and donts DO capture the moments you may have missedWhile youre getting photos taken, your niece may break out in song and dance at the cocktail hour. In a few years time, you may wish you could hear your dads speech again. A videographer will capture the moments you miss as well as the ones you wish you could live over again and again! TEALE PHOTOGRAPHY DONT assume youll never watch itFive minute highlight reels are super popular today and can easily be watched whenever and wherever! Relive your wedding day on your anniversary or even just a date night. Theyre sentimental and emotional and will allow you to remember family members or friends you may not have with you forever.DO make a list of shots you wantWhile an experienced videographer has a go-to list of emotional moments and angles that work, there may be something that you want that they dont usually capturelike a performance by your bridesmaids or your pet walking down the aisle.DONT assume it costs too muchA videographer will work with your budget to deliver a product youre happy with. Although you might not be able to have two shooters, drone footage, and cinematic editing for a few hundred dollars, we recommend asking a videographer you love what you can get within your price range or if there are a la carte options.DO research different video stylesFrom storytelling to short form, full edits to highlight reels,there are a lot of options when it comes to video! Do some research and find the style you like best before reaching out to videogra-phers.DONT think they will be a distractionIf youre imagining big cameras, fuzzy microphones, and lotsof wires, youll be happily surprised by how discreet wedding SABRINA HALL PHOTOGRAPHY videographers can be. With modern handheld cameras anddiscreet angles, you wont even notice theyre there!10 cant miss shots DO meet with them before to discuss your expectations1. 6. The father-daughter/ You should never hireor pay!a vendor without meeting them Your bridesmaids andfirst, especially if that vendor will be with you all day long. Your family members helpingmother-son dances videographer will be following you down the aisle and may get up you get ready 7. close and personal during the cake cutting. Its important that you Your guests catching the2. bouquet and garter like their personality and feel comfortable enough to ask questions Your significant other's expression when they see8. Y or make requests.you walk down the aisle our grandparents danc-ing to their favorite song DO hire a wedding videographer 3. The movement of All in all, hire a wedding videographer. You spent so many months 9.your dress Your guests interviewsplanning the perfect event, and in the blink of an eye, it will all beperfect for capturingover! Youll be able to watch the video years from now to see your4. A few tears shed duringyour loved ones voices loved ones, listen to your vows and toasts, and share the day with your vows and mannerisms friends and family who couldnt make it, as well as those who will5. 10. A pan over of your guests Your joyous first kissbecome part of your life after your wedding. There are a million as newlyweds celebrating your love little moments that youll wish you could do or see again, and a wedding video allows you to do just that.124TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|VIDEOGRAPHY"