b'TOO MUCH AWESOMENESSBUTTERFLY KISSES PHOTOGRAPHY WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHYLA76 PHOTOGRAPHYDifferent catering optionsPlated BrunchThis is the most traditional and formal meal option. Be sure to They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you send your invitations out six to eight weeks in advance, so yourwant a more casual celebration, have your ceremony and reception guests can choose the meal theyll eat and share any dietary in the morning and serve brunch. You can have both breakfast and restrictions they may have. lunch optionslike sandwiches, omelets, and both savory and Buffet sweet crepes to satisfy any guests preferences!This is probably the most common option as it allows you moreFood trucksfreedom with your menu and your guests can pick and choose whatFood trucks are perfect for your main meal or a late night snack. they want. For instance, you can offer five sides instead of three,One truck may not be enough to serve all of your guests and some and your guests can fill their plates with mac and cheese and pota- may not like their meal options. Instead, consider hiring several toes and skip over the broccoli and asparagus if they prefer. trucks with a variety of flavorslike Cajun, Mexican, American, Passed appetizers and Mediterraneaneach offering a limited menu.Passed appetizers are growing in popularity because they are formal and classy, yet not restrictive. Your guests wont have to sit with the same seven people all night or wait their turn to get served, andCatering by the numbersthey can sample multiple dishes. If youre only serving appetizers, be sure to let your guests know in advance, and plan for 15-20Sometimes, leftovers are even better than the meal; but if you pieces per person. leave for your honeymoon right after your reception, you wont Food stations get to enjoy them! Ordering just the right amount of food will Youre never going to offer a menu that every guest likes. Our tastesensure that you dont miss out on any leftovers (and that your are widely varying! Some guests prefer Italian flavors, while othersfridge wont be stuffed when you return).enjoy Mexican. Some just want a good burger, while others would like to indulge on filet mignon. Food stations allow your guests toAppetizers Entree, side disheschoose their favorite menu option, so everyone enjoys their meal! 6 per person 3/4 cup per person, per sideFamily style Appetizers, if no dinner Entree, rolls16 per person 2 per personFamily style dishes are served to the entire table. For instance, an entire bowl of salad, platter of chicken, and bowl of green beans willEntree, protein Salad be placed on the table for the guests to share. This is an intimate6 ounces per person 6 ounces per personway to dine and encourages your guests to mingle with each other.74 TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|CATERING'