b"GENEVIEVE NISLY PHOTOGRAPHYGoing placesDriving to the ceremony Ride to your ceremony with friends or parents so you dont have to worry about picking your car up from the ceremony site the next morning.Dont forget about the wedding partyIf your party rides with you in a bus or limo, how will they get home? Provide a shuttle service to the hotel or hire the party bus long enough to get them back to their cars.Dont leave your guests to fend for themselves Its considerate to provide shuttle service for your guests, both to the reception and to the hotel. Your wedding gifts need a ride homeYou didnt drive to the reception, so you wont have a car to take all your gifts home. Assign a family member or close friend to gather your gifts and drop them off at your house.Your last impressionThis is your guests last impression of you! Dont make your grand getaway in your 2008 Honda Civicmake it count by having a unique and fun vehicle!QUESTIONS TO ASKAre you registered withWhat does your insurancethe Department of cover? Transportation?What is the minimumWhat kind of vehicles do number of hours? you have? Is there an overtime fee?Can we see the actual vehicle What kind of decoratingwere renting? can we do? What is your vehiclesubstitution policy?What is your policy on eating and drinking?Who will be the chauffeur?What music players areWhen should I book? in the vehicle?Don't forget to ask the general questions on page 4TRANSPORTATION|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 167"