b'12+ MONTHS VENUES DANIELLE HARRIS PHOTOGRAPHYThings to consider when touring venuesQUESTIONS TO ASK Location While the location itself has to fit your theme and vision (rustic, What is your availability? Do you have a dance floor?industrial, urban, nautical, etc.), there are other aspects about theHow far in advance should Do you have coat check? location that you should consider. For instance, how close are thewe book?Do you offer catering? nearest guest accommodations? Are there scenic spots nearby forWhat is the capacity for theyour wedding photos? How far is it from your ceremony venue? Do you offer bar service?reception space? Answering these questions will help to make the day of your wed- Do you offer/rent linens? ding seamless and stress free.Is there a rental fee? Do you offer/rent tables?Is there a fee to extend theHidden costs reception? Do you offer/rent chairs?Youll want to go into your meeting with a budget in mind, but the Do you have a ceremonyDo you offer/rent decor? number youre presented with may not be the same as what you space?see on the bill. A venue may sound affordable at first, but then you Do you work with outside What is the capacity for thevendors? realize that tables, chairs, and linens arent included in that price.ceremony space? What are your decoratingThats a huge hit to your budget! Find out if youre expected to use Will you attend the guidelines? vendors from their preferred list, whether they require a minimum rehearsal?Do you have in-house number of guests, or have a minimum spend requirement. Are we responsible fordecorators? Privacyproviding your staff with a When can we have access to Your wedding day is one of the most intimate and personal mo-meal during the reception? the space to decorate? ments in your life, so take note of how private the venue is. Are Is security required and doDo you have outdoor there other banquet rooms within the space that may also be rented you provide it? locations for photos? out that weekend? Will there be any renovations going on? Thealet service or a Is there v Do you offer discounts for last thing you want is hearing a construction crew down the hall parking fee? week day or off seasonor sharing the parking lot with another event. Similarly, if youre Do you have a bridal suite? weddings?getting married in a more public spotlike a park, garden, orDo you have a stage? museumyoull want to speak with the coordinatorabout ensuring privacy.Dont forget to ask the general questions on page 446 TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|VENUES'