b'12+ MONTHS MASTER CHECKLIST3-8 MONTHS 0-3 MONTHSTo-dos before the I Dos Find and book hair and Purchase postage, sendmakeup stylist(s)invitations, and record RSVPsA lot of planning goes into throwing a wedding! Make suren Beauty & Health, p. 90 n Invitations & Stationery, p. 96you dont forget a thing by consulting our Master Checklist Have a tasting with your Have a bridal shower as your planning progresses. Reference the colored month- caterer and finalize the menun Bridal Shower, p. 178ly sections throughout this magazine to help determinen Catering, p. 72Have a final fitting for yourwhat you should be doing when. Remember, everyones wedding party and parentsReserve guestplanning can be a little different. Use this as a guide to helpaccommodationsget started and stay on track! n Guest Accommodations, Purchase gifts for bridal party, p. 173 groom/bride, and out-of-town 12+ MONTHS 8-12 MONTHSguestsHire a transportationcompany Apply for your marriage license Discuss your budget and Purchase your wedding dress n Transportation, p. 166 n Marriage License, p. 182 who is contributing to it and bridesmaid dresses n Budget, p. 8 It takes time to order andget alterations. Book your honeymoon Write your vows and reviewn Bridal Attire, p. 18Make sure to give an itiner- ceremony details with officiant Create a Pinterest account andary to your family, apply for an Vows, p. 180start a wedding boardn Bridesmaid Attire, p. 32 passport, and find someone to Check the Wedding Show Finalize wedding day-of collect mail, watch pets, and Hire a photographer and water plants.timeline and details with your schedule atTodaysBride.comvideographer and have an engagement shootn Travel & Honeymoon, p. 118 Wedding Planner and VenuesThis is a great way to get to know your potential Order invitationsPlan ceremony and receptionMake a wedding email, n Invitations & Stationery, p. 96 seating arrangementsbinder, and/or spreadsheet Photographer, and it may be You need a place to compile allincluded in your package!Buy or rent mens formalwear2 WEEKS - THE BIG DAYof your thoughts, vendor infor- n Photography, p. 64mation, contracts, and details. n Videography, p. 122 n Mens Formalwear, p. 82Follow up with guests who Purchase wedding bands have not RSVPdChoose your wedding partyBook your entertainmentn Wedding Party Quiz, p. 36 including: DJ, band, ceremony Reserve decor itemsmusicians, and photo boothGive a final guest company.n Decor & Rentals, p. 144count to caterer Begin compiling a guest listn Ice Sculptures, p. 147 Create an A and B list. n Entertainment, p. 108n Catering, p. 72n Invitations & Stationery, p. 96 n Photo Booth, p. 114 n Lighting, p. 150 n Linens, p. 152 Review wedding day detailsShop for mens formalwearwith your wedding plannerChoose your wedding dateDont get your heart set on an Mens Formalwear, p. 82 Choose a bakery and order date until you talk to your your cakePack for your honeymoonn Cakes & Desserts, p. 156n Travel & Honeymoon, p. 118preferred venues. Establish beauty andskin care routinesn Beauty & Health, p. 90 Set up your gift registryHave a final dress fitting Hire a wedding plannern Gift Registry, p. 170n Wedding Planners,p. 10Delegate wedding day duties Finalize the guest list The final list should be a Book and plan your rehearsali.e. guest book and ushering Start shopping for dinner bridal, bridesmaid, compromise between your n Rehearsal, p. 171 Get married! and mother-of attirelist, your fiancs list, and yournBridal Attire, p. 18parents lists. Finalize playlistswith DJ/Band/ n Day of checklist, p. 185n Mother-of Gowns, p. 30n Invitations & Stationery, p. 96 n Bridesmaid Attire, p. 32 MusiciansOrganize all of your details in n Entertainment, p. 108Order and send save-the- a wedding binder using our Book your ceremonyprintable resource pages, freedates and shop for your and reception venuesinvitationsRemind mothers to ordern Ceremony Sitesn Invitations & Stationery, p. 96 mother-of attire on TodaysBride.com!& Officiants, p. 40 n Mother-of Gowns, p. 30Create a wedding websiten Venues, p. 46 Shop for favors n Favors, p. 172Book the officiantHire a travel agentn Ceremony Sitesn Travel & Honeymoon, p. 118 Choose bridal & bridesmaid & Officiants, p. 40 accessoriesHire a florist Hire a caterern Flowers, p. 126n Catering, p. 72 n Bar Service, p. 766TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|MASTER CHECKLIST'