b"Who should be inyour wedding party?It can be really hard to choose who should be in the wedding, and sometimes you just can't decide! This quiz will help you determine which of your friends you should ask. USHINE STUDIOS 1. How long have you known them?A.Weve been best B.Theyre friendsC.We are family.friends forever.with my fianc. 2. When was the last time you hung out?A. Sometime in the B. We dont hangout,C.We hangout past 12 months.but we talk all thealmost every time. week. 3. They are most likely to.A.Cancel plans.B.Be on time, C.Show up late. if not early.4. Will your friendship suffer if you don't ask them?A.They would B. I really dontC.Theyd probablybe so upset. think theybe relieved.would mind. 5. Do they get along with the other bridesmaids? CINZIA BRUSCHINI PHOTOGRAPHYAMANDA HEMSTREET PHOTOGRAPHY A.Not all of them.B.Yeah, theyre C. No, but they very likable. wouldn't cause drama.6. Do you see yourself being friends five years from now?A.Absolutely!B.We've grown C.Im sure well stillapart already.be in touch.13-18 PointsYES! This person has been with you your whole life or at least the most important moments of it. Of course, they should be part of the wedding party! If you cant imagine your wedding without them in it, its a sign that you should have them be a part of it.6-12 PointsNO.This doesnt imply that you dont love them, but perhaps it would be best not to include them in the party. Instead, consider inviting them to the wedding as a guest. This way, you can still share your special day together without the pressure of them standing by your side!Scoring: 1. A-3, B-1, C-2;2. A-1, B-2, C-3; 3. A-1, B- 3, C-2;4. A-3, B-2, C-1;5. A-1, B-3, C-2; 6. A-3, B-1, C-2 MACKENZIE ALEXA PHOTOGRAPHY36TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BRIDESMAIDS"