b'The bar by the numbersThis bar calculator will offer you an idea of how much alcoholyou should expect to serve at your reception. Keep in mind that these numbers may change according to your guest list. If your friends and family typically favor beer over wine, youll need to adjust the proportions accordingly so you dont run out of themost popular drink! We also suggest using the total guest list count in order to calculatethe amounts. Although guests under 21 wont be drinking alcoholicbeverages, its better to have too much than too littlejust in case DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGS some guests drink more than one drink an hour.Step 1NUMBER OF GUESTS XNUMBER OF HOURS =TOTAL DRINKSX =*Use the total number of guests to account for guests who may drink a littlemore than the recommended 1 per hour.Step 2SPLIT The numbers provided are the average split.Change the numbers to fit your guests tastes.TOTAL DRINKS XLIQUOR 30% = SERVINGS OF LIQUORX .3 = JULIETA AMEZCUA PHOTOGRAPHYH&R PHOTOGRAPHY TOTAL DRINKS XBEER 20% = SERVINGS OF BEERX .2 =TOTAL DRINKS XWINE 50% = SERVINGS OF WINEX .5 =Step 3ONE BOTTLE OF. *Be sure to round the number of bottles to the closest whole number!SERVINGS OF LIQUOR LIQUOR (18 SERVINGS) = BOTTLES OF LIQUOR 18SERVINGS OF BEER BEER (1 SERVINGS) = BOTTLES OF BEER 1SERVINGS OF WINE WINE (4 SERVINGS) = BOTTLES OF WINE 4Dont forget.THE CHAMPANGE TOAST! Count the number of guests over 21.NUMBER OF GUESTS CHAMPAGNE (8 SERVINGS) = BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE 8SPARKING GRAPE JUICE FOR THE KIDSNUMBER OF GUESTS GRAPE JUICE (8 SERVINGS) = BOTTLES OF BOTTLES 8Hate math? Download an Excel file to help you figureout your bar numbers at TodaysBride.com/drinks WHITNEY HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY78 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BAR SERVICE'