b'8-12 MONTHS ENTERTAINMENT DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGS Its all in the detailsQUESTIONS TO ASKA wedding is a celebration of love, and its also an opportunity to create unforgettable mem- Who will be performing? ories for both the couple and their guests. Todays weddings often incorporate a wide arrayCan I see you perform prior of entertainment options to keep the festivities going long into the night. From music andto my wedding? dancing to interactive experiences, theres no shortage of ways to make your special day evenHave you performed at more memorable. See page 112 for entertainment options to consider for your wedding. my venue before?The entertainment choices for your wedding are as diverse as your love story. Consider yourWill there be an assistantbudget, the size of your guest list, and your personal preferences when selecting options. to help?Whatever you choose, it should reflect your personalities and create an unforgettable expe- How much space willrience for all in attendance. With the right entertainment, your wedding will be an occasion you need?that your guests will remember fondly for years to come. How many hours will I have?Do you require breaks? Contract pointson contracting them for atrestrictions on the numberWill you have music Ask about and confirm de- least four hours.of musicians and pieces of playing during breaks?posit requirements, payment Ask about breaks and contin- equipment you may bring Do you emcee the plans, and final deadlines.uous flow. As your receptionin. You should also ask aboutreception?Make sure a cancellation/ will most likely last aroundelectrical power supply andWill you help structure refund policy is included. Iffour hours, odds are that yournoise limitations. the timeline? something happens to a musi- performer will have to take aIntroductionsDo you provide a cian whos not under contract,break at some point.Inform your DJ or bandleadermicrophone for toasts? you could end up withoutEquipmenton how to properly pronounce What if the reception wedding music. the names of your bridal partyFigure out what the equip-runs long?and their relationship to theFind out about any hiddenment requirements are,Do you have a standard newlyweds (maid-of-honor, fees or extra costs they maysuch as power outlets, space music list?have.needed, speakers, and anyparents of the bride, etc.). Will you take requestsequipment that you may beAttire guidelines at the reception?Timing expected to supply. Let your performers know theConfirm arrival times. You dress code.Dont forget to ask the generalshould expect them to arriveAsk your reception venue questions on page 4 an hour in advance and planwhether the facility has any 108 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|ENTERTAINMENT'