b'SOLIS PHOTOGRAPHYPlanning packagesIf youre asking yourself Where do I start? or What am I miss-ing?, youre not alone. Youre a newbie at planning an event for 100+ people, but there are some people who have years of experi-ence planning hundreds of weddings.Here are some of the ways you can take full advantage of all the wisdom and guidance a Wedding Planner can offer.In-house or venue coordinator This type of planner comes with your venue and does very littleSHERR WEDDINGS | WILLA WEDDINGS AND EVENTS actual planning. They focus, instead, on the execution of your event in regards to the venue. Theyll set-up and tear down your chairs and tables, will coordinate the staff, and will handle the food and bar.Day-of coordinator Contrary to the name, this planner will actually start 2-4 weeks before your wedding. They will schedule a site visit and call all of your vendors to get acquainted with your plans. Theyll coordinate with your vendors and direct them on the day of your wedding, will help with set-up and tear-down, and will keep you on schedule throughout the day.Month-of or partial planningThis type of service does everything a day-of coordinator does with a few extra weeks of service. Theyll make final vendor payments, schedule the day-of timeline, communicate final details to vendors and determine vendor delivery, and will remind you of details you may have forgotten.Full-service planning Also known as all-inclusive, this planning service is just what it sounds like. You hire them right after your engagement and they help you with planning step-by-step. Theyll do vendor research, will recommend vendors that work with your budget and vision, will set up appointments and venue visits, negotiate with and hire vendors, offer advice and answer questions, supply a budget and provide monthly timelines. Theyll advise you during your ceremo-ny rehearsal, will set-up your ceremony and reception, make sure youre on schedule, arrange deliveries, handle any crises, and direct guests. They can even help you obtain a marriage license and will have guidance on changing your name. SHERR WEDDINGS | WILLA WEDDINGS AND EVENTSWEDDING PLANNERS|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 13'