b'8-12 MONTHS FLOWERSWant to save money on your flowers? Ask your florist about what blooms are in season for your wedding date.QUESTIONS TO ASKWhen do I need to orderflowers? Do you have a portfolio?How long have you beendoing weddings? What floral decor optionsdo you offer? i.e. vases, candles, arches, etc.Do you work with fresh flowers or silk flowers? What kind of flowers do you recommend? What is your substitution policy?Do you charge for delivery?Who will set up the day ofmy wedding?Will you stay at the ceremo-ny to arrange and distribute the flowers?Will you transport betweenthe venues?When do decor itemsneed to be returned? What is your policy for lost/ damaged items? Do you offer floralpreservation?When should I preserve mybouquet?Dont forget to ask thegeneral questions on page 4 LILY TAPIA PHOTOGRAPHY126TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|FLOWERS'